Hammers and Tongs

Eight Minutes


So with Glenn Fleischman's article out about us, it won't be long before somebody asks me where "eight minutes" came from. Why not six, or five? Or three? For the moment, Amazon offers most of our custom products as Amazon Prime items. Like all new products on Amazon, momentum builds up slowly. Early on I was looking at the order queue, and we had, I don't know, five or six Prime custom orders in the queue. These days we have can have as little as two whole hours for those last few orders from the order being placed to heading out our...

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What's in a Name?

digital press Heidelberg Windmill letterpress naming printers

So we've been buying up all this equipment, which raised the need to name them... It started with the Xerox C75 Digital Press, which is a monster of a machine. I used its distant ancestors during my days at Bell Labs, and things have come a long way since then. We did our product catalog on it for the Seattle gift show, complete with cover, folding, and staples (Look, ma! No Hands!). It didn't take long for Mike to name it "Goliath". Then there were these poor little letterpress machines coming in. Old school. Sure, they out-weigh the C75 by...

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Geeks Union

Buttonsmith is an interesting place to work. We're a small, union manufacturer of US-made products, staffed and led by a curious collection of geeks, tinkerers, and software folks. The products we make are: Buttons, Magnets, and Tinker Top® badge reel tops Tinker Reel® badge reels Tee shirts Lanyards, and (Soon) Customized banners, cards, photos, and printing packages These require a surprising array of activities ranging from design, to light manufacturing, to software, to commercial printing. The "Hammers and Tongs" series gives an occasional glimpse of what goes on behind the curtain here at the Smithy.

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