Buttonsmith announces public launch of Wefunder crowdfunding campaign

Aug 31, 2021

Buttonsmith Launches Crowdfunding Equity Raise

Leader in software driven manufacturing launches equity crowdfunding raise on Wefunder

Carnation, WA, August 30, 2021 – Buttonsmith Inc., a leader in software driven manufacturing of American made products, announced today that it has launched an equity crowdfunding raise via Wefunder to continue to support its recent growth and further expand development of its novel software driven US manufacturing strategy. The company is seeking to raise $1 million to fund its software development and partner integration across additional manufacturing segments. Current SEC crowdfunding rules allow raising up to $5 million. To date the company has been self-funded.

In 2020 as the global pandemic shut down retailers and manufacturers nationwide, Buttonsmith pivoted to add cloth masks to its product portfolio. The company was able to get fast customer feedback through e-commerce that led to two product revisions before competitors masks were even shipped from overseas. The company continues to lead the way in time to market and product iteration by investing in US manufacturing and e-commerce channels.

Founded in 2014, Buttonsmith has rapidly expanded its online presence and product offerings from several products to more than $10 million in sales derived from more 7,000 products. The company’s proprietary manufacturing automation software developed in house allows it to receive, make and fulfill orders in less than five minutes. Buttonsmith’s innovative software and manufacturing processes allow the small company to maximize efficiencies and sell in multiple channels each day, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy and their Shopify driven website.

“This crowdfunding raise through WeFunder will provide resources to allow Buttonsmith to realize its vision of bringing U.S. manufacturing into the 21st century,” said Darcy Burner, CEO of Buttonsmith. “This equity raise will allow our friends, family, loyal customers and the public to own a piece of Buttonsmith.  US manufacturing has been broken for some time, but we believe we have built the blueprint for success using a novel approach that combines software development, automation and process improvement to rebuild the US economy while significantly reducing waste, environmental impact and reliance on foreign manufacturing.”

The company intends to use any funds raised to expand its manufacturing and continue to build out its software suite.


About Buttonsmith:

Buttonsmith was founded in 2014 by Henry Burner whose vision was to manufacture and sell products that were exactly what the customer wanted. His vision has driven Buttonsmith to be a leader in building American made products using software driven manufacturing just in time. By manufacturing on demand, the company reduces waste and the inventory risk while providing the customer with high quality products. In 2020, the company recorded more than $5.5 million dollars in revenue and has generated more than $10 million dollars over the life of the company.

Led by a team of leaders from Microsoft, Alexa and IBM with decades of experience creating software and marketing products, Buttonsmith is posed to lead US manufacturing into the future.


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