Buttonsmith Audubon Owls Premium Lanyard - with Buckle and Flat Ring - Made in the USA

Size: Premium
Color: Owls
Sale price$ 12.99


BRIGHT, FADE PROOF DESIGN: Colorful designs are permanently bonded with the fabric, making the lanyard fade and bleed proof.

SOFT: Premium soft, silky fabric feels great to carry - even on bare skin!

CONVENIENT: High quality key ring and clip make it easy to attach your keys.

EASY TO USE: The detachable buckle is designed to make it easy to use whatever you attach to your lanyard.

DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU SMILE: This design has Audubon owls throughout the lanyard. You wear your lanyard more than any piece of clothing, it should make you smile.

MADE IN USA and GUARANTEED: We are working to bring manufacturing back to the USA and guarantee our products for a full year. We want you to have peace of mind knowing you will love your product!

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