Buttonsmith Tiffany Orange Tree Tinker Reel Retractable Badge Reel - Made in the USA

Size: Swappable Top Badge Reel with Alligator Clip Back
Color: Tiffany Orange Tree
Sale price$ 9.99


EXPRESS YOUR STYLE: Tinker Reel® badge reels let you change the image on your badge reel whenever you feel like it! Each reel set comes with a single swappable decorative Tinker Tops for you to easily switch to match your outfit or your mood.

DURABLE: Has an extra-long 36" cord, a stainless alligator clip, and a snap badge attachment. Designed to hold 2 oz.

GUARANTEED: Tinker Reel® badge reels have been tested for more than 1,000,000 pulls and has a full year guarantee.

DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU SMILE: Why use a plain badge reel, when you can use a patented Tinker Reel® that allows you to change the top with a new design whenever you feel like it.

MADE IN USA AND PATENTED: Tinker Reel® badge reels are made in the USA for the highest quality and have been patented.

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