Buttonsmith® Astronomy Tinker Reel® Badge Reel – Made in USA

$ 14.99

The things you use every day should make you smile.

Tinker Reel® badge reels let you change the design on your badge reel with your mood! Each Tinker Reel® set comes with four Tinker Top® swappable decorative badge covers and is compatible with all Tinker Top® sets.

  • Carry your cardkey in style: We have carefully designed and manufactured our super-premium American-made patented Tinker Reel® badge reels to not only be useful but stylish as well.

  • Highest quality badge reel available: Our reels have been tested for more than 1,000,000 pulls. With an extra-long 36" cord, a high-strength corrosion-resistant reel case, a stainless belt clip, and a snap badge attachment, this will get you through the door with a touch of panache.

  • Guaranteed: Tinker Reel® badge reels have a full year guarantee. If it breaks or you are unhappy with it please contact us and we will get it fixed for you.

  • Made in USA and patented: Tinker Reel® badge reels are made in the USA from the highest quality parts and have been patented.

  • Tinker Reel® badge reels come in several variations to fit your needs:

  • back styles: a rotating alligator clip, a belt clip, or a pin back
  • attachment styles: badge holder (up to 2 oz) or key ring (2 to 4 oz).

    Buttonsmith Inc. is a small American manufacturer based in Carnation, Washington, where the cows are contented. Originally founded as a school project by then-10-year-old Henry, we are now a unionized workplace employing ten people where we make beautiful environmentally-friendly products designed to bring a little joy to our customers' lives every day. If you are ever in Carnation, stop in and say hi!

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