Our Story

How We Began

Buttonsmith®, Inc. began out of a fourth-grade class project on trading Henry completed in 2013 when he was a student at Fall City Elementary in Fall City, Washington. Faced with the challenge of making something to trade at a school trading post, he rejected baked goods ("Mo-o-o-om, the baked goods market will be totally oversaturated!") and instead made pinback buttons to sell to his classmates. His dyslexia had made success in school a real challenge up to that point, so when his products very popular he was thrilled!

That summer, Henry moved to selling his products at local farmers markets. In 2014 Henry moved online to sell his products via his website and Amazon. The product catalog grew to include buttons, magnets, lanyards, fixed top badge reels and our patented Tinker Reel® badge reels, which have swappable tops.

The company continued to grow in 2015 completing a successful Kickstarter campaign to help begin manufacturing of the Tinker Reel® badge reels. That same year, the company headquarters and manufacturing facility moved out of the family home to Carnation, Washington and includes a small store front. In 2017, Walmart carried Tinker Reel® badge reels in 1600 stores nationwide. Since 2016, we have been a leader in customized products on Amazon.

Buttonsmith now has twelve employees and over $11M in cumulative revenue. Buttonsmith products are now sold on seven channels including Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and Faire. Starting with a hundred products in 2014, we now have over 10,000 products available across these seven channels. In 2022, we will be focusing on growing our wholesale pet products business, as well as investing in additional channel development.

Building the Blueprint for the Future of American Manufacturing

Being Nimble

Socially Responsible, Union Shop, Environmentally Friendly

Meet The Team

Henry Burner, Founder

"I am writing with my dad a book set in a post-apocalyptic, near-future, feudal setting."

Favorite Product Mucha Perfecta Tinker Reel

Darcy Burner, CEO

"I am a voracious reader, and am happiest when I'm surrounded by books."

Favorite Product: Klimt Kiss Wristlet

Jonathan Shapiro, President

"I am a recovering college professor and recidivist entrepreneur."

Favorite Product: Maps Lanyard

Mike Burner, CTO

"In the Army, I patrolled the border between East and West Germany...when there was one."

Favorite Product: Mucha Gemstones Tinker Reel

Katherine Fugitt, Director of Design

"When I was a teenager, I helped my parents build a 32' sailboat. We lived on our sailboat for about a year and a half, sailing up and down the west coast of the United States, and throughout the South Pacific."

Favorite Product: Purple Crows Lanyard

Mark Beaufait, CFO

"Enjoy hiking and avocational geology.  Have some meso-proterozoic stromatolite fossil friends."

Favorite Product: Made in the USA Custom T-shirt

Michael, Production Floor Manager

"When I was in high school, I traveled to Europe with a special choir from my school. I sang baritone with the choir in cathedrals in several European countries."

Favorite Product: Custom 2.25" Buttons

Amanda, Deputy Floor Manager

"I love to go to music festivals and am always in search of good sushi."

Favorite Product: Custom Lanyard

Evie, Customer Success Manager

"I have worn numerous hats throughout my life, serving as a social worker, HCA, horse trainer, stone mason, studio coordinator, and daycare teacher. In my free time, I paint landscapes onto traffic cones and build upcycled sculptures on the farm where I live."

Favorite Product: Custom Bumper Sticker

Francis, Production Automation Engineer

"I served in the army infantry for four years, attaining the rank of sergeant."

Favorite Product: Nebula Lanyard

Jaime, Production

"I grew up in a Zapotec village in Oaxaca, Mexico, and was a long-distance runner in the Mexican Army."

Favorite Product: Solidarity Lanyard

Kirena, Marketing Technologist

"I taught myself how to knit in high school."

Favorite Product: Blue Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Donovan, Production Designer

“I love to cook or make art in my free time. I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska!”

Favorite Product: Wildflowers Lanyard

Mak, Lead Production Designer

"I always wanted to draw, but could never muster the patience to practice it. In High School, I discovered Photoshop and digital collaging. I've been experimenting with pixels ever since."

Favorite Product: Buttonsmith® Anatomy 1.25" Magnet Set


Jonathan's Border Collie

"I don't understand why my parents don't like that I jump our fence to
visit the neighbor dogs. I just love to play with people and dogs."

Favorite Product: Old Glory Custom Collar 


Darcy's Service Golden

"I am good at giving hugs. I like to boss around the other dogs, so they remember who is really in charge.

Favorite Product: McGovern Sunflowers Custom Collar


Jonathan's Golden

"I love to jump things, like fences and gates. I am a busy boy and like everyone to know that I am around."

Favorite Product: Turtles Collar


Mike's Golden

"I am always looking for food, since I am still a growing puppy. I think everyone should be my friend and play with me."

Favorite Product: Green Trees Collar

Obi-Wan (Benny)

Katherine's Rescue Dog

"I am laid back and mellow about most things, but if I don't want to do something, I'll lay down and become a 70# lump."

Favorite Product: Isosceles Collar


Evie's Golden

"Every day on my way to work, I sing with my mom. I aspire to be a cattle dog, and I'm recognized for my enthusiastic and goofy personality, always eager to make new friends!"

Favorite Product: Nebula Collar


Amanda's Corgi

"Chester the Corgi puppy loves naps, his lambie toy, and is currently growing up to be a big strong doggo."

Favorite Product: Nebula Collar

In Memoriam

Callie, Original Shop Dog