Leadership Team

Henry Burner, Founder
"I am writing with my dad a book set in a post-apocalyptic, near-future, feudal setting."

Favorite Product: Mucha Perfecta Tinker Reel

Darcy Burner, CEO
"I am a voracious reader, and am happiest when I'm surrounded by books."

Favorite Product: Klimt Kiss Wristlet

Jonathan Shapiro, President
"I am a recovering college professor and recidivist entrepreneur."

Favorite Product: Maps Lanyard

Mike Burner, VP Software
"In the Army, I patrolled the border between East and West Germany...when there was one."

Favorite Product: Mucha Gemstones Tinker Reel

Sarah DeNike, VP Marketing & Sales
"My family business is the wine business. I was raised on a 100 acres ranch of grapes where my parents still live."

Favorite Product: Moose Woods Wristlet


Katherine Fugitt, Lead Designer
"When I was a teenager, I helped my parents build a 32' sailboat. We lived on our sailboat for about a year and a half, sailing up and down the west coast of the United States, and throughout the South Pacific."

Favorite Product: Purple Crows Lanyard

Michael, Production
"When I was in high school, I traveled to Europe with a special choir from my school. I sang baritone with the choir in cathedrals in several European countries."

Favorite Product: Custom 2.25" Buttons

Francis, Production
"I served in the army infantry for four years, attaining the rank of sergeant."

Favorite Product: Nebula Lanyard

Carleen, Production
"I grew up on Bellingham Bay, Washington, and love water! I'm addicted to cruises, go on a cruise at least once a year."

Favorite Product: Tiki Drink Lanyard

Jaime, Production
"I grew up in a Zapotec village in Oaxaca, Mexico, and was a long-distance runner in the Mexican Army."

Favorite Product: Solidarity Lanyard

Will, Production Designer
"I know how to ride a pogo stick."

Favorite Product: Hokusai Waves Lanyard

Shop Dogs

Callie, Henry's Golden and the Original Shop Dog
"I love to ride in the car with my mom and come to work. I would come to the Smithy every day if I could."

Favorite Product: Almond Blossom Custom Collar

Islay, Sarah's Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
"I love coming to work with my mom. Everyone gives me cookies, including the UPS guy. I take my job of greeting every visitor very seriously."

Favorite Product: Swiss Flag Custom Collar

Boston, Darcy and Jonathan's Border Collie
"I don't understand why my parents don't like that I jump our fence to visit the neighbor dogs. I just love to play with people and dogs."

Favorite Product: Old Glory Custom Collar